About Me

As you have gathered from my site my name is Ron E Racine.  I currently resided in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

I am an avid outdoor photographer, and have decided to make birds my primary focus.  Why birds you may ask?  Well, it all goes back to a trip to Thailand where I saw the most extraordinary birds, but my attempts to capture their beauty with my simple point-and-shoot were not very successful.  I realized that to capture the true beauty of these birds I would need two things.  First I would need better techniques to get closer to them without disturbing them.  And secondly I was going to need some better equipment, like a DSLR.

After that trip to Thailand I started to pay more attention to birds, and not only did I notice that they are pretty much everywhere, I also found you do not have to go to a tropical locations to find some pretty spectacular looking birds, they are right in our own backyards.

So I purchased my first DSLR after many days of research, deciding on the Canon 7D for its speed and crop factor, which can be very important when shooting small birds.  My first lens was a 70-200 28 L IS II, which is a great lens.  I soon found out however that the 70-200 is not great for small birds, even with a crop camera.  So I bought a Canon 1.4x extender, which gave me up to 280mm at F4, which was better.  After a while of using this combination I decided I needed to step up to 400mm, so I purchased the Canon 400 5.6 L (no IS).  This made a difference and allowed me to get shots that I could not get at 280mm.  And the Canon 400 5.6 is very sharp!  After a year or so with that lens I decided I wanted to move up to the next level, the Canon 500, 600, or 800.  After reading numerous reviews and blogs I decided to go with the 600.  So I saved and saved and finally had enough to get the 600, just in time for the series II.  So now the latest lens in my camera bag is the Canon 600 F4 L IS II.  And with this lens I am truly in love, it is just fantastic. Its sharp wide open, sharp with the 1.4x, fast focusing, and can be used handheld for short periods.

Of course I also enjoy taking nice landscape shots, flowers, and even some night shots.  But my true  photography passion is to capture the beauty of our feathered friends for all to see and enjoy.